HeLx Platform

Level up your science

Reach new data frontiers with HeLx

  • Provides a complete data science laboratory for research in the cloud.
  • Solves technical infrastructure challenges to focus researchers on science.
  • Brings the right tools for each team together in a secure, scalable portal.
  • Includes bring your own data access patterns.
Implement tools and solutions to explore your data
  • Existing applications include notebooks, imaging, Apache Spark, and Nextflow workflows.
  • Includes intuitive full text driven, knowledge graph augmented semantic search.
  • Open source technology supports multiple authentication providers and authorization models.
  • Scalable cloud native architecture with Kubernetes, Apache Airflow, and Nextflow.
Launch a flexible workspace for any science domain
  • Provides a unified data science workbench tailored to each science community.
  • Extensible metadata driven architecture simplifies adding data science workspaces.
  • Applicable to and actively used across science domains.